Official IBM Mashup Center Wiki and Resource Site

The IBM Mashup Center Wiki is a community site for you to learn about IBM Mashup Center, contribute to its knowledge base, and collaborate with others. It contains articles on installing, administering, deploying, and using IBM Mashup Center, including tutorials for new users.


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Video Guides From IBM

This video shows you how to create and edit pages using IBM Mashup Center.

This video provides a quick tour through the IBM Mashup Center user interface.

This video shows you how to create a feed from Microsoft Excel with IBM Mashup Center.

This demonstration provides a high level tour of the browser-based components included in IBM Mashup Center, which includes the mashup assembly tool, feed creation, data mashup editor, and the catalog.

This video shows how to create the simple Customer Insight mashup that is available in the hosted version of IBM Mashup Center.